Tatyana Nazarenko Born in Moscow, Russian-Swiss painter.

1955-1962  Moscow Secondary Art School attached to Surikov State Institute

1962-1968 went through Moscow State Academic Art State Institute named after V.I. Surikov (tutors A.M. Gritzay, D.D. Zhilinskiy, V.I. Shilnikov)

1966 took part in an exhibition for the first time

1969  member of the Artists’ Union of the USSR

1969-1972 worked at the studio of the Academy of Arts of the USSR under G.M. Korzhev’s guidance

1969 grand tour to Italy

1972 Recipient of the  Prize of  the  Leninsky  Komsomol (picture «The execution of the members of the revolutionary organization «Zemlya i Volya»)

1975 the first group exhibition in Vavilov Street (Nazarenko, Loshakov, Vukolov, Orlov, Rozhnev)

1976  was awarded the first prize of International Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria

1978 trip to gather material for creative work to Voss, Norway, International School of Fine Art

1982  exhibition «Russian Art today» in Levy Gallery, Hamburg

1987 Silver Medal awarded by the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR

1987 the first solo exhibition in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv

1987 the first solo exhibition abroad (Leverkusen, Germany)

1988 “Russian Art” Peter Ludwig in Cologne and participation in Sotheby’s in Moscow

1989 the first solo exhibition in Moscow (The Central House of Artists); a Loginov documentary dealing with Nazarenko creative work (The Moscow Documentary Workshop)

1989 the first journey to New York City

1993  prizewinner of State Prize for the exhibition «Tatiana Day» (The State Tretyakov Gallery -GTG, Moscow)

1998 corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Russia

1999 professor of Arts

1999 prizewinner of Moscow Government Prize

2001 academician and presidium member of the Academy of Arts of Russia

2003 Distinguished Artist of Russian Federation

2004 Golden Medal  awarded  by the   Academy of  Fine Arts of the  Russian Federation

2008 prizewinner of Independant Prize «Triumph»

2014  People’s Artist of Russia